Sunday, May 29, 2005

Patient Follower 2.46 Update

New in Version 2.4x: (newly released) Adds the capability to beam patients to another palm (useful for checkout/signout). The export/import feature can also be used to create a backup copy on the palm.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Patient Follower 2.23

only $9.95 US
Over 1,500 Downloads

Patient Follower Version 2.23 FEATURING:

Version 2.x series is a MAJOR OVERHAUL of Patient Follower!! Now a full function patient tracking device with tabs for medications, labs, exam, x-rays and more. Now includes a password at startup for security. Many new features including an alphabetical list and filtering options. Save records with the ability to archive and restore patients in case of a "bounce-back". Follow Patient Info and Location and automatically track Hospital Days and Average Length of Stay. Summarize Patients by Ward, or Intern, or by Code Status. Fully Customizable Team Settings and the ability to Export Patient List to Memo Pad or PalmPrint

Version 2.x is backwards compatible with 1.x series records, except for "Med or Tx" fields which will be lost on upgrade due to a change in database setup.

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