Saturday, June 4, 2005

Medformula version 3.2 released


An amazing medical palm pilot calculator and algorithm tool!

This is a combination medical calculator, ABG Analysis and Framingham Risk Cholesterol calculator all in one. This program provides over 35 different medical tools built into one. Highlights include: ABG Analysis with differential diagnosis, Mini-Mental Status, Pre-op Clearance Evaluation, Framingham Score Calculation, Pneumonia Severity Index (PORT Score), and Two-way table statistics calculation. Over 25 standard medical calculators are also included. Now includes: COPD Gold Classification and 4-in-1 creatinine clearance calculator (MDRD and CockCroft-Gauld).

NEW in Version 2.98:
Adds "AutoFix" option to ABG Analyzer. Adds old style Delta-Delta and explanation, Keeps Delta-Ratio

NEW in Version 3.2:
Adds SLE (Lupus) and Rheumatoid Arthritis Criteria tools. Also adds Peak Flow (predicted) calculator. Various Minor Fixes (see version history)

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