Sunday, July 24, 2005

Website Maintenance

This server underwent maintenance and was offline from 23.00 to 23.25 GMT-8. Hard Disk Imaging was done during this time and the physical hard disk was swapped as a failsafe procedure.

We use Acronis Drive Image to create images of the Linux Drives by removing the drives and mounting it on a Windows machine and then back to Linux.

LILO must be reconfigured when the image is mounted back onto another disk. Use the Linux Install Disk 1 Rescue feature to re-install LILO.

Prior uptime was approximately 53 days. Our backup procedures include nightly backups in addition to these procedures above.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

MedFormula 3.73 - A Recommended Update for all users

Several errors found in the framingham score calculation that occasionally resulted in erroneous results for CHD risk calculations in the cholesterol module. Also, the Negative Risk Factor association with HDL>=60 was not accounted for in the guideline based recommendations. An error was also discovered in the preop module for low risk procedures and intermediate predictors only.

All users are recommended to upgrade to Version 3.73

Latest Features:
-PE, DVT diagnosis and algorithms
-SLE, RA Criteria tools
-Average 10-yr risk now given on Cholesterol Module
-10 digit keypad for simpler data entry!


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