Sunday, September 18, 2005

MedFormula 4.40

MedFormula 4.40 has just been released. This new version focuses on stability and code compression. 13K has been reduced from version 4.1x.

This is a combination medical calculator, ABG Analysis and Framingham Risk Cholesterol calculator all in one. This program provides over 50 different medical tools built into one. Highlights include: ABG Analysis with differential diagnosis, Mini-Mental Status, Pre-op Clearance Evaluation, Framingham Score Calculation, Pneumonia Severity Index (PORT Score), and Two-way table statistics calculation. Featuring the unique 4-in-1 creatinine clearance calculator, SLE (Lupus) and Rheumatoid Arthritis Criteria tools. Now includes: COPD Gold Classification, PE and DVT algorithm tools. Recent versions include a ten digit keypad for fast data entry. Recent Additions include Seven New Formulas:

Body Surface Area, Cardiac Output (Fick), Corrected QTc, Henderson-Hasselbalch, Mean Arterial Pressure, O2 Tank Remaining Time, PIF (Useful for ARDS).

New in Version 4.40:

Adds Pediatric Formulas: Peds Maintenance IVF and PELD Score. Also adds Parkland Burn Score. Further additions to Unit Conversion Module and code revisions to menu structure (4.10). Adds a category selector for formulas. Compressed code has reduced size and improved compatibility with older Palms.

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  1. Coming together nielcy....don't you just hate those power outages (why do they have to be so long?)You can't even cook - unless you have gas I suppose. Hope you could at least get some handstitching done....Your dam pictures are great - look stunning at the top of the blog.