Thursday, November 17, 2005

CME Watch 1.72 - Major Update

CME Watch -- Keep Track of your CME Hours on your Palm! This program automatically Adds and summarizes Total CME Hours!!

CME Watch has undergone a major update in the latest release -- version 1.72. Due to a bug with restoration of archived records in all versions prior to 1.72, users of current versions are recommended to upgrade to a of minimum version 1.72.

New Features:
-Lifedrive and Tungsten Series Compatible.
-Styletap emulator (for Pocket-PC Users) compatible
-Adds Alphabetical/Date Chooser/List,
-Adds Certifications Manager,
-Adds Filtering Options,
-Categorize by Type and Category of CME Event,
-Ability for backup and restore database.
-Autosave features on most forms. Reduces clicks.

The update has received a mention on PalmDoc's Blog

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