Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bug fixed in MedFormula 4.70


Due to a Bug Found in MedFormula affecting the Apache II Score, we are sending this email early. Versions up to 4.67 were affected by a 1-pt score error in the Apache II Score. This only occurred with pH values 7.25-7.32 and 7.5-7.59 - the apache II score returned with these pH values selected may be off by 1-pt. This bug has been corrected in Version 4.70 which was posted yesterday to our site and will be posted soon to our affilates. Please be sure you are running version 4.70 at the minimum. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

(For users with memory problems, version 3.0r3 has been released with the above update - 3.0r3 is a smaller, compact version of medformula for older palms. It is availabe from the version history page)

Please download the updated version from our site: -- If you have lost your unlock code, you may access the unlock page at our website ( and use the email address on which you are receiving this email to obtain a new unlock code.

In yesterday's newsletter, we wrote that EasyPulse saves the heart rate - actually easypulse now saves the "number of beats to count" (i.e. 20,30,40,60) so that you don't have to select it for next time. (of course you can change it with the "change" button).

If you have any questions, comments or bug reports, please email Again, remember to visit for free software updates.

Thanks for your support,

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