Saturday, December 10, 2005

December Newsletter

December 2005 - Happy Holidays!

IMPORTANT: 2006 Versions - Updates to all 4 titles have been made to change the expiration dates previously set to expire 12/31/2005. 2006 Versions are MedFormula 4.67 and higher, Patient Follower Versions 2.70 and higher, and CME Watch version 1.70 and higher. We have used expiration dates to prevent an extremely outdated version (with potential bugs uncorrected) from being run.

All registered users can upgrade to the latest version for free. Download the latest versions from:,,,, or preferably from our website ( Use the same registration code used to register original version. If you have lost your unlock code, you may access the unlock page at our website ( and use the email address on which you are receiving this email to obtain a new unlock code.

An bug was discovered in MedFormula versions 2.90-4.42 in the Water Deficit module. The bug caused the replacement rate to reflect the recommend # of days instead of the selected # of days. This bug was corrected in version 4.44.

A bug was discovered in CME Watch versions 0.4-1.1 where on rare circumstances a CME Event that was restored from archive could be lost. The bug has been corrected in version 1.7 and higher.

FundRaisers in 2005
Over $125 dollars was raised for relief efforts for the Hurricaine Katrina/Rita Disaster, South Asian Earthquake and Tsumani Disasters. Thanks to everyone's support of our programs which made it possible to donate funds to UniCEF and the American Red Cross.

MedFormula 4.67 has been released. This version adds the ABCD Score For 7-day Stroke Risk Prediction after TIA and well as further code optimizations to reduce the program size by another 10K. Version 4.44 is the minmum recommended version for MedFormula due to bugfixes. Version 3.0r2 is available as a "Lite" version of Medformula for older palms with memory issues. Contact us for more information.

CME Watch underwent some major revisions. Highlights include : Alphabetical / Date Listing chooser, A New Certifications Database, Ability to Categorize/Customize Events, Adds Backup Capabilities, Autosaves all edits for faster entry, Now STYLETAP Compatible, Tungsten X + Lifedrive. Also
fixes issue of possible loss of record on restore from archive affecting all versions prior to 1.7x

Patient Follower 2.72 adds an autosave feature to the review pt screen to make data entry even faster. Also added additional sort options to the Alphabetical Listing/Chooser. Version 2.70-2.71 were affected by a bug created in version 2.70 where Autosave wasn't currently working. If you are running 2.70 or 2.71, please upgrade to 2.72.

EasyPulse-Palm Version 1.23 now adds an Autosave feature for the heart rate as suggested by one of our users, Michael P. The same feature has been added to EasyPulse-PPC and EasyPulse-WIN. (See below).

EasyPulse for Pocket PC version 2.0 A new version of EasyPulse is now available for Pocket PC Users. Completely rewritten in Microsoft .NET, this version will run on Windows Mobile 2003 and 5.0 Pocket PC with the .NET Compact Framework (version 2.0 required). This same version has been ported to the desktop so now EasyPulse will run on your desktop PC as well!

If you have any questions, comments or bug reports, please email Again, remember to visit for free software updates.

Thanks for your support,

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  1. Yes Hari Big Brother, those SMARTISTS who initiated the "millennium bug" criiss after ten year or so dominating the SECURITY development were now all taking early retirement and enjoying their LIVES.Those photoes in 7x6 were links that I created, when the originals were gone (I believe) so they were not there anymore. I would try to build in new linkage(s) when I got the time. Stay tunned.