Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Ectopic Brain blog is closed!

The Ectopic Brain blog by Kent has been closed. Kent will "leave the site up for now, as most of the information it contains is still relevant."

It's sad to see such a good site for palm information close. I will surely miss this site after reading it weekly for the past few years...
The next closest site for similar palm information probably be "The palmdoc chronicles" -

Lately, there seems to be less and less news about Palm. There are few new handhelds and less people seem to be using them.

It's sad to see palm on its demise in the broad sense. I suspect that it will have its loyalists particularly in the medical field. There was something magical about the simplicity of Palm OS (software, beaming, low overhead) that can't be rivaled by the newest Pocket PC's...

UPDATE: Actually it looks like the Ectopic Brain is Back - this time with several co-bloggers!!

MedFormula 4.81 released

MedFormula 4.81 has been released:
Two bugs were discovered in MedFormula versions up to 4.80. The First bug affected the Cholesterol Calculator in a specific case : LDL Goal was incorrectly displayed when HDL >=60 AND DM/CHD was present. The correct goal should be <100 instead of <130. The second bug involved the Maintenance Fluids (peds) module. The calculation was not correct for Kg 11-20 only. All other weights were unaffected. 4.81 also compacts the code further. In version 4.75 the ABG calculations for Metabolic Alkalosis were revised.

The current stable versions are 4.81 or 3.0r5
Download the latest version today :
Legacy users, version 3.0r6:

Sunday, January 15, 2006

GRC.COM is down?

Looks like got twit-dotted & digg-dotted. Go to and read about the security news concerning the wmf exploit. Steve Gibson's site attracted too much attention and looks like the site is has gotten slammed.

Try ping and you can see that the traffic is quite heavy.

Listen to Podcast 22 at (This week in Tech) by Leo Laporte about the controversy on the origins of the WMF vulnerability.

I linked here from DIGG since digg won't allow a direct link to a page that is down ( There's no other discussion about this anywhere else on the net that I know of.

It may be that everyone is downloading the WMF Vulnerability tester from Anyone have any mirror sites?

You could try the coral cache at but even the coral cache can't seem to help grc right now.

ADDENDUM: As of 22:40 PST the site is backup. Download the KnockKnock.exe tool from to see if your computer is patched against the WMF vulnerability

ADDENDUM: It was DDOS'd which makes more sense
From Steve Gibson on "it was about a six-hour DDoS attack lasting from about 3:00 PM PST to 9:00 PM PST."