Saturday, January 28, 2006

MedFormula 4.81 released

MedFormula 4.81 has been released:
Two bugs were discovered in MedFormula versions up to 4.80. The First bug affected the Cholesterol Calculator in a specific case : LDL Goal was incorrectly displayed when HDL >=60 AND DM/CHD was present. The correct goal should be <100 instead of <130. The second bug involved the Maintenance Fluids (peds) module. The calculation was not correct for Kg 11-20 only. All other weights were unaffected. 4.81 also compacts the code further. In version 4.75 the ABG calculations for Metabolic Alkalosis were revised.

The current stable versions are 4.81 or 3.0r5
Download the latest version today :
Legacy users, version 3.0r6:

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