Saturday, March 25, 2006

How to watch your video Podcasts on TV!

Lately, with the lack of tech shows on TV, I've turned to video podcasts. But I'd much rather watch them on my TV rather than my PC.

If you have a media server appliance like the DSM-320 then you're one step closer. The problem I ran into was finding a painless way in converting the streams to a format that the DSM-320 could play. Here's what I found works best:

1. DSM-320 installed and connected to your TV.
2. Wi-Fi or router connected to DSM-320 on your network.
2. Download and Install Nero Recode. Trial available here:
3. Download/Install and Run D-link media server Version 1.05
4. Make sure that your DSM-320 has the latest firmware. (1.08)

To watch a video podcast
1. Download the podcast video, preferably in WMV or Quicktime but it doesn't really matter as Nero Recodes it to the right MPEG-4 Format
2. Run Nero Recode and select option 4 ("Decode DVD's and Videos to Nero Digital).
3. Output the file to a directory (My Videos)
4. Make sure the D-Link Media server has the above My Videos directory in the Shared Folder Path
5. Select Refresh on D-Link Media Server
6. Watch on converted podcast on TV, under video option on DSM-320 menu

Recommended Podcasts:

Now it's like having the tech shows back on TV again, fullscreen and in optimal quality MPEG-4 Streams that save disk space!!!

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